Elements 7 / Activating Beat Designer

I watched this tutorial on midi:

At 4:06 they show how to activate the Beat Designer under “Midi Inserts” into a midi track.

When I check the selections on my midi channel, there is no “Midi insert”.

I see:

  • Chord Track ( Akkordspur)
  • Midi Parameter
  • Midi chanel (Kanalzug)
  • Notes (Notizen)
    (I am workihng on the German Version, Btw: Do I have to install it again to switch to English?)

Thanx for some brief comments. I am a Newbe to Cubase 7. I have been working on SX until recently.

Operation manual -> Der Inspektor - Arbeiten mit dem Inspektor

No, you have to change it in preferences, just the same as in SX, IIRC

As described on p. 34 of the German operation manual I clicked the right mouse button while clicking into the inspector windo for the name of the midi track in question. The full selection is:

  • Akkordspur
  • Midi Prameter
  • Midi Kanalzug
  • Notizen
  • Instrument

There is no “midi inserts” to activate the Beat Designer??!

Am I on the wrong track?

Operation manual -> Der Inspektor - Arbeiten mit dem Inspektor

Then your version is quite certainly not Cubase 7…



It is Elemens 7. That is what I installed. And that is what it also says when staring the programm. No doubt.

YES. That indeed reads like the same case.

Hi AtinPlatin,

sorry to disappoint you, but Beat Designer is not part of Cubase Elements:


Too bad. However, THANX for the file!

I know this thread is getting on a bit . Can some one tell me if beat designer is not avalible in cubase 7 elements, am I able to purchase it? I am thinking ubgrade to cubase 8 pro?