Elements 7 and CI2

Hi I have just downloaded Elements 7, and trying to set up CI2. I’m sure I’ve got the inputs / outputs set up right - mono in port 1 for guitar, mono in port 2 for mic.
If I use the guitar/vocal template, or set up my own audio tracks, it seems to record and play the guitar on port 1, but sometimes records mic on port 2, and only intermittently plays it back. If I drop a guitar audio recording into the mic track it plays though. I can see the wav file that the mic recorded, so its there… if I drop the mic file into the guitar track it still doesn’t play.
I think (!) I have checked everything, pulling my hair out… Any ideas?
Northampton UK

to better explain, if I set up a project using the guitar / vocal template, and set the inputs for mono in 1 & 2, for guitar and mic, I can record both, and see the wav files in the tracks.
However only the guitar plays back. if I move the vocal wav file to the guitar track, it plays back. But both tracks have the same “stereo out” setting.
if I set up a new blank project, create 2 audio tracks and set the inputs the same, they both record and play back.

and, if I drop a guitar part into the vocals track, it plays. it just seems to be the vocals recorded in the vocals track that don’t play in that track.

just worked out that the template track has a Insert “VST Dynamics Rock Lead Vocals” - if I switch this off, I can hear the vocal track!