Elements 7 and Halion Sonic

I am not a happy camper at all, it’s been about 6 months now since I bought the upgrade to Elements 7 and just cannot get Halion Sonic SC to work. I have been in contact with Steinberg Support and they now telling me that I got to back up my Mac and reinstall the OS. I use other DAW and never had this problem where I got to reinstall my OS, has anyone else had this issue.
Any advice would be appreciated

I am sure many are happy to advise but you may need to be more specific than “cannot get Halion Sonic SE to work”. :slight_smile:

When I install and open Cubase and select a preset from Halion Sonic from the browser I am able to see the presets but I keep getting a message saying Halion Sonic is not available. For some reason it seems that Halion Sonic instrument is not loaded.

I assumed it wasn’t available in Elements.

Halion Sonic SC is part of elements, the message i am getting is saying that the plug in is missing,i can see all the presets but cannot use them because plug in missing.

see attached from the forum a topic on the issue