Elements 7: Audio Part not in lanes if audio is imported


This is a follow-up to my earlier post in Presales, in which Guillermo gave me some useful advice. Having absorbed that, and re-tested my procedures, I believe I should start with a fresh post under “Issues”. Please correct me re any breaches of protocol here - I have done my best, searched the site, manual etc, but I am new to the forum.

Issue: I upgraded from Cub Elements 6 to Elements 7 a week or two ago, and the Audio Part Editor is not working fully. (Have used this feature extensively in Cub Elements 6).

NB In Elements 6, it was not necessary to select all events on the track; a Part could be made from 2 or more adjacent events anywhere in the track. However, as pointed out by singadream in another thread, in Elements 7 it is necessary to select the whole track in order to produce a Part in which the events are in separate lanes.

For this test I selected the entire track. However, explanation would be appreciated, as the manual (p245) only says:

“Audio parts are created in the Project window in one of the following ways:
• By selecting one or several audio events on the same track, and selecting “Events to Part” from the Audio menu.”

When all events on the track are selected, the Part IS shown in lanes when working with Audio recorded directly into the Project.

It is NOT showing lanes when working on imported audio.

ie I do this:

  1. Create or open a project in Elements 7
  2. Import several short audio files to project, to different tracks (for rough synchronicity)
  3. Drag audio files to same track (using command-drag to maintain timeline position)
  4. Select this track
  5. Select “All events on selected track”
  6. Events to part
  7. Open audio part

The events are all in the same lane.

There are also some other circumstances in which the Audio Parts I make are not opening in lanes, but I’ll wait for a response to this before testing those again.

Thank you


NB Changed the title because it didn’t fit in space - was "Elements 7: Audio Part not in lanes unless recorded directly to project