Elements 7 Crash when loading project (Even without Hub)

Hi, I am using Cubase Elements 7.0.7 and it was working perfectly fine (even earlier today), but as I try to open up a project I started today, it does not load it and just crashes.
I load the project and as soon as it starts it tells me that a serious problem has occurred. I have the Steinberg Hub disabled and I tried to delete the windows update that I was told does the problem, but no luck…
Anyone knows whats going on with it? thanks in advance!

Error log from Cubase Elements 7:

System Specs:
Windows 8.1 Pro
intel i7 3770
16GB ram
GTX 550Ti
Samsung 840 250gb
WD Green 1TB
Steinberg UR44

The same issue is occurring with me, I just got Elements 7 a few days ago and it won’t let me even create a project, it just crashes and tells me an error has occurred. :imp: