Elements 7 - MX49 - UR44 Problem

I’m in the process of switching from Reason/Maudio to Cubase/MX49/UR44. I’ve got the MX49 and UR44 hooked up to Cubase Elements on my Sony laptop. I’ve got voices from HALion working, and I’ve got my microphones working on UR44 inputs 1 and 2.

Everything is going well except - I can’t to play and monitor the sounds on the MX49. The MX midi is hooked up to the laptop by Usb. The MX audio L/mono is hooked up to the UR44 input 3.

I found some instructions on this web site on how to set up Cubase/MX49/UR44 connections and I can pretty much match the screens in the instructions. But, I still can’t monitor the MX sound banks. The instructions are at http://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=226&t=75825.

Anybody have any suggestions on how to solve this problem?