Elements 7 not working in Win 10

My Wavelab Elements 7 is not working in Windows 10. I have the latest update Is there a way around this? I downloaded the Wavelab Elements 8 trial, and it is working.

I have exactly the same problem. Version will not start at all in Windows 10. Worked just fine in Windows 7 (Haven’t tried Version 8 yet). I have initiated a troubleshooting request to Steinberg Support. I’ll re-post if I hear back from Steinberg with a solution.

Is there any solution from Steinberg? I have the same problem.

Try running in a compatibility mode maybe. WaveLab 7 was created while Windows 10 did no exist.

Wavelab 9.5 is much better than 7. You should definitely upgrade if you can afford it.

Try the latest installer and Win 8 compatibility patch, described in the posts at the bottom of this page:

For Wavelab 7 pro:

The same for Wavelab 7 elements:

It worked to fix it on Win 10 here.