Elements 7 on a different pc

HI All

I hope this is the right forum to ask this question . I upgraded LE 6 to Elements 7 late last year . I have changed my pc so I would like to know how do I install this on the the new pc . Do I . . …

A. install LE 6 first , If so, how do I upgrade again

B. Install Elements 7 , if so where do I get the download from .

Thanks in anticipation , I’m a complete noob at this and Find these installations very complicated

I’d be surprised if you needed to install the earlier version and then “re-upgrade”.

I’m not sure if Elements uses a USB licencer - how is it protected? If it is via USB then it’s no problem, just install and go; activation of non-USB licenced stuff I’m not sure about, sorry.

Installer for the demo is here:


If it’s anything like the demos of Cubase then it’s the same thing, just limited by the licence, so if you have the right one it should just work. But alas I’ve only got the full version, so not sure how Elements is protected (I suspect from what I’ve read in the link above that it’s via a serial number or similar, so I’d suspect you may be able to enter a code or something in there).

You need to login in to your Steinberg profile on Asknet. But I can never remember how to find the damn link.

edit: Try this https://shop.steinberg.net/cgi-bin/pages/rnfaq/ml=EN

Then there should be some download links on your top right.

edit again: That doesn’t work. I can’t find the correct link.

Thanks for the replies .I will download the trial version of Elements 7 and see if I can activate it with my old code .