Elements 7 on School CC4 enivronment

Please Help!

My school are running Cubase Elements 7 on computers that use the CC4 environment.
Has anybody run a similar system and solved any issues that crop up.

We keep the computers off the school network but still seem to have the following issues:

  1. Computers seem to ‘switch’ back to the General Low-Latency audio driver in spite of having the audio interface connected

  2. The software seems to lose its pathway to the Halion Sonic sounds and/or Groove Agent sounds

  3. A correctly set up file seems to lose the assigned sounds in each track that uses Halion Sonic

  4. Software takes a very long time to close or freezes on closing forcing user to ‘log-off’ instead.

  5. After switching audio drivers, the device properties window takes a couple of minutes to close.

  6. The video service stops working

  7. Videos freeze on some machines and not on others

(A video project is an excellent one for students (age 12/13) and the video function is not usable in spite of checking for latest version of quicktime)

  1. Computers seem to lose their license activation and need to have the serial inputted again.

I use 14 laptops in a room and end up running between them sorting out the issues above.

Very frustrating!

Other than that, it seems to be working good?

I’m not familiar with that setup but when I was taking some classes they tried setting up a computer lab with no hard drives and load their OS off the server. That way they get a fresh computer everyday and anything anyone did the previous day is gone.

Sounds like a good idea but not really, lots of problems and waiting.

Maybe someone knows if you could use presets or something to help you out but I doubt it.

Doesn’t sound like cubase issues but issues with your system. Is their a CC4 forum?

It’s just to get your feet wet with DAW recording etc.

Buy an academic version for your own computer?

Therein lies part of the problem!

Steinberg will not have a clue about CC4
CC4 definitely have no notion about the behaviour and requirements of Cubase.
I dream of a suite of independent Macs (but it’s not happening)