Elements 7 - program-windows are hidden at startup?

I installed Elements 7 on my MacbookPro because I need Cubase on stage for clicktrack/playback use while playing drums. I do not want to carry the eLicencer will all my studio stuff with me so I decided to give Cubase Elements a try.

My problem:

Certain windows are “hidden” by default - in the first place I lost nerves searching the instrument window - after 2 hours I stepped over the feature “windows…” under “windows” (German: Fenster) - as soon as I opened that window-dialog the instrument window appeared.

Much more nasty is that the same can happen with the mixer or even the project window… Opening a project - the project window is not there. Have to open “windows” - then it appears.

Using cmd-tab to toggle between applications works not for Cubase, selecting Cubase just brings the transport bar to front but in this case “Firefox” is still active in the taskbar.

I am using Nuendo, Cubase and a lot of other applications on this Macbook Pro but I never had this problem.

I need to open and access stuff fast with few clicks because I want to use that setup in a live situation and I need to open songs fast.


Need some hints here… I never had an issue like that, and I am using Cubase and Nuendo since about 13 years on various systems…

maybe I am not able to describe the problem well enough in english…

Last night I installed Cubase Elements Demo on my MacBook Air as well - same problem!

  • Opening a project ( I used those templates which are integrated in the hub) - fine
  • hitting F3 for the mixer: Nothing happens. Selecting “windows…” from the windows menu (“Fenster…” in german) - for some reason not accessible with a shortcut, which is annoying in that case - now the Mixer appears
  • same with plugins: Inserting a plugin in the channel using the inspector - GUI is not showing up. Selecting “Windows…” again - now it appears…
  • when I use cmd-tab to toggle between applications (Firefox and Cubase Elements for example) - Cubase will NOT be active when I select it, it will show me the transport bar but there is still “Firefox” in the task-bar - I have to click on the transport bar to switch to Cubase.

What is causing this problem? Never had something like that before…

Cubase Elements 7 is not usable for me this way. I was hoping to get rid of the eLicencer that way, for use on stage… maybe I should use Logic Pro which I have on my Macbook as well.

well, f*ck it, will use something else then.