Elements 7 reverb

I’ tried adding some light reverb to all tracks using the roomworks reverb. No matter what setings I try it seems boomy and boxy. Any suggestions on settings? Also, Is there another reverb I could be using?

I don’t know what technique you’re using to apply your Reverb (Insert or Send).

Try using an FX Track with the desired Roomworks SE Reverb preset Inserted into it, then use a Send on each Track you want to apply a Reverb to. Using this technique you’ll have fine control over the amount of Reverb you’re applying to each track.

Eq helps along with knowledge of basic mixing. Create an fx track and send the tracks you’d like to have verb on to that fx track, drop an eq after the verb on the fx track and eq the mud out.

Maybe even EQ before the verb so you kill the boominess and maintain a more natural room sound.