elements 8 crashing on opening

hi there

i’ve mailed support, but not had a reply yet.

my copy of wavelab 8 elements no longer opens. it tries to, and then give a dialog box stating:

wavelabelements8.exe has stopped working

a problem caused the program to stop working correctly.

i’ve uninstalled, and reinstalled, but to no avail.

it’s on win7 pro 64 bit

any ideas??!?!?!?


There is this small file:
C:\Users[UserName]\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\WaveLab 8.5\Startup.ini

This file is user editable (double click).
To activate the crash report (Window version only), simply add this text line:


If this line:
“crashReport=false” alreay exists, transform it to


When the crash happen, send me the result. Thanks


i sent a pm, not sure if you received it as it’s still showing in my outbox, and not sent box