Elements 8 mp3 upgrade

Anyone know how to “install” the mp3 upgrade which I just purchased for Wavelab Elements 8.
The email I was sent contains a serial number but I can’t find where I’m suppose to enter that info. If I try to save a clip as an mp3 I get the prompt to go to the site where I just purchased the upgrade. Not a prompt for the authorization number I was sent.

So I figured maybe it was a completely new serial number for Elements 8 , but even if I uninstall the program, my computer is remembering the settings and I can’t get to the authorization process again.
Or am I missing something?

Thanks in advance!


Is it an activation code to be entered by running the eLicenser Control Center?

Hello, yes, insert the activation code in the soft eLicenser.
And, of course, you have to install the mp3 patch you bought.

hope this helps.

I did not receive an mp3 “Patch”. I only got an activation code number.
Thanks for your response. I’ll have to check out the eLicenser. Never used it before, Wish it came with instructions on how to activate!

Here’s a picture, not totally sure about the patch thing though!

EDIT: Yes, I confirm, you should have a link to the patch… :slight_smile:
mp3 patch.png

See the video here.

Thanks to all for your help.
The problem was on my end. I didn’t see the download link at the bottom of my order page.
Didn’t even have to use the control center. The installer asked for the activation code at the end of the installation.

Apologies…that’s what happens when you spend all day figuring out how to migrate all my programs, VSTs, etc to a new operating system and computer. That single malt scotch couldn’t have come any sooner :wink:


No need to apologise … we all have been there, we all have the T-shirts! Sometimes it helps to have the scotch first. :wink: