Elements 8 - Quantize Audio Track instructions

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Can someone please point me to a good tutorial, video, or instructions for how to Quantize recorded Audio tracks - using specifically Elements 8?

I can find a lot of videos and instructions for pro - but these don’t seem to have the same features, or missing features that Elements does not have.

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On the official Steinberg YouTube channel, there are some video tutorials for Cubase 7. One of them is about quantize audio drums in Cubase.

But unfortunately, one of needed functions (Group Editing of Folders) is missinf in Cubase Elements.

What does this Mean? I can not “Group Edit” Multi Tracked drums ??In ELEMENTS What CAN i do . Edit each track separately to a tempo?

If you select a bunch of events then edits (cuts moves) you make happen across selected tracks. Google slip editing in cubase for an idea. You cannot warp multiple tracks together though.

If you really need to use warp on multi tracks (even pro doesn’t really do this…it can only qauntise, not freewarp) there is a workaround that requires you to make a multichannel audio track which you can then freewarp and when done split the audio back out to it’s individual channels.

Here’s just the first example of instruction for this I found…but googling multi track warp in cubase should find others.


Note also if you have more than 6 tracks I believe Audacity will create a multi channel wav without this limit (Cubase can’t but it will read it and let you warp it.)

Thanks ,for the reply. i will look into researching ,“Slip Editing” . I am using 4 drum tracks ,Snare,bass,OH R, OH L . I have been doing little ,music production bits ,for a you tube “Ghost Hunters” type show . the drums have been recorded for the entire length of the piece . 1.5 to 3:00 minutes
Now i am recording songs that require vocal . I need to make my own drum loops . I want to snap them to the grid,paste drop,and lay it down .
My guitar player has a POD PRO X HD ,it records direct stereo ,very easily and sounds fantastic . I record bass direct ,as long as there is no clipping it sounds great . The drummer hits very evenly so i have him with in reasonable head room ,with no issue . He doesn’t count or play to a click ,so …well…he writes good beats,this is what i have to work with
I have used ELEMENTS up till now,i really like it . I just started researching ,how to make my own drum loops ,with acoustic drums ,and realized i NEED “Group edit” to be most efficient . The whole concept of group crossfading,and quantization ,is awesome . I have done all kinds of re recording for levels and sound,now i finally have an easy to record direct sound,and a good drums sound .I have at least 20 songs,on a list to record . I have demoed them already on a Korg D3200,but that was with conventional amp mics ,and just a overhead sound on the kit .
I have made demos using Nu Metal drum loops ,those were okay,but the levels were different ,depending on what beat was chosen from a library .
I don’t really like the way drum libraries are set up . I think it would be great if , i could read some sample sheet of grooves , and just pick , a boogaloo beat ,or a shuffle ,based on how the beat is syncopated ,or not syncopated .
If i were to hire a pro from Musicians Institute ,i would show them a list of basic grooves in sheet,and see what they can do with their hat ,ghost notes ,and stick control in general. I don’t see why i have to listen to libraries of beats by ear ,when i already know .Drummers know that . I wonder what ,Thomas Lang ,Will Lee ,Max Weinberg,Anton Fig and Gregg Bissonette,think about that ?

Thanks ,sorry about being long winded in my last post
Okay so …SLIP EDITING ,i believe is the MANUAL WAY to do Group Quantizing . Am i correct in saying this ?

It seems, i will split several tracks them move them to the grid, aligned to “a tempo”
The “Slip” part of it seems to be when crossfading events,and getting them to slightly overlap,as necessary for a smooth crossfade

Am i right by saying this ? I have yet to try it. I will later this evening .

Hi I am new of this forum, so if i am asking this question on the wrong place i do apologise in advance. I have Cubase Elements 8, I am trying to quantize audio files (more specifically a Guit bass track). I saw on youtube videos that evrybody is using audio warp with cubase, . it seems however that i do not have that add on, can anybody there help me to find out what i can do to either install it or to get a similar plugin that is compatible with Cubase elements so as to quantize simple audio files. any help will be gratly appreciated. Thank you


There is no Warp Tool in Cubase Elements. You could use Melodyne, or Vocalign. But maybe it would be cheaper to upgrade your Cubase to the higher derivative (even though it’s Cubase Pro only).