Elements 9.5 GUI problem- VST amp rack

Hi all, loaded up an elements 9.0.3 project that I use to jam along to tracks to and I have an issue with the amp rack interface. The left of it seems to have a grey block over it and it flickers.

See vid https://www.dropbox.com/s/inzsndcodnumyp5/File%2016-11-2017%2C%2016%2042%2041.mov?dl=0

Any ideas?

I bought the program today and have exactly the same problem with the Amp Rack interface (my PC meets all the system requirements).

I can confirm this.

No comment on this?
Easy to recreate, just add audio track, insert amp rack.

Also if I save a project with the Amp Rack interface minimized it can’t be opened to full size when the project is reopened.