Elements 9.5 Installation - am I missing something?

I have bought Cubase elements 9.5 for my son as a Christmas present but I cannot get it working on his laptop and he is very disappointed. There is no phone support from Steinberg until the New Year. I have submitted a ticket via their email support which tells me it will be review by a member of staff “usually within few days” - not very helpful or reassuring for a new customer.

I have bought Cubase elements 9.5 via a download access code. I have followed all the instructions, watched any videos I can find, read whatever I can find on the subject but I still keep ending up at the same point. The e-licenser shows that I have an active license. At the end of the installation process I have nothing, no Cubase elements shortcut on the desktop and no elements software listed in the programs in the start up menu, in short I can find no way of launching the software. If I go the folder in windows explorer where it was downloaded to, the only obvious program file to launch is called setup.exe. If I click this it kicks off the installer, which kindly tells me everything is already installed but where or how I am supposed to access it I have no idea.

I am using a 64bit laptop with windows 10 version 1709, os build16299.125.

Any advice appreciated from anyone who has experienced anything similar. Thanks in advance.

C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Cubase LE AI Elements 9.5
The application to launch Cubase should be in that folder.
I’m new at this but that’s where mine is. But I also placed a shortcut on my desktop.

And you have downloaded / installed the Cubase elements program installer files, not only the elicense control center installer?

Thanks for the responses - I have it working now but I have to say i’m none the wiser as to what was causing the problem. I was just repeating everything I had already tried for the fourth time and it loaded, created a shortcut and is now appearing in the start menu and working as any other piece of software. I was expecting a much smoother process from a piece of software that costs £85. Anyway my son is now able to use his Xmas present which is the main thing. Thanks again.

Well, since the forums and the internet are not full of posts, that show the same problem as yours, we can be confident that the process is very smooth usually. Sometimes the problem is not necessarily only with the software…