Elements 9.5 No Groove Agent

I’ve just upgraded from 9.5 LE to the full elements for the extra synths, plug-ins etc. I have them all apart from the advertised groove agent. Where is this please? It doesn’t appear as an option when I select an instrument track, do I need to download it? Or have I just been mis-sold a product?

Groove Agent SE is usually listed in the Drum dropdown. If it is not listed, try downloading the Steinberg Assistant installer and install from there.


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Thanks. Where would I find the drum drop down? I’ve been using Cubase for years and I thought I knew my way round it, I’ve checked everywhere it doesn’t appear in any list for anything.

Did you actually install it?

Run the installer to install all the available content for Elements.

Groove Agent is not a part of any Cubase version.

Groove agent was offered as part of the upgrade, if you look on the product page for elements 9.5 it clearly states it has groove agent with it. When I was offered the upgrade it vlearly stated it came with a few synths, vsts and groove agent.


If you are being nitpicky then yes, Groove Agent is not included in Cubase Elements, but Groove Agent SE certainly is.

Nah not being nitpicky fella, I was just a bit miffed why it wasn’t there, anyway I’ve sorted it. The upgrade advert is misleading it said there was no need to download anything else, I just had to install a new licence key and it would all appear! Most of it did with the exception of groove agent SE. After a quick update it’s there now! Thanks all. Apologies if I sounded a bit pedantic!

That message was not for you. Are you new in forums?

As I said before, you need to run the installer and install all the available contet for Cubase Elements.

I don’t use forums often no, I ran the update and it’s all there now, thanks all.

Certainly, but that’ s not what was being asked.