Elements 9.5 Only 3 tracks?

Is it true that it is only possible to compile an audio CD with a maximum of 3 tracks on it using Wavelab Elements-9.5, thereby making it impossible to create even a basic CD album with something like 11 or 12 tracks on it?

I thought this 3 track restriction was just for the trial version, but it looks like it applies to the paid for version as well.

Tracks in WL are not necessarily the same as CD-tracks. I usually use only 1 stereo track in WL Pro to compile an Audio-CD with all CD-tracks sequentially behind each other. Or, sometimes I use a second WL track for those clips that need the same effects (track effects).

WaveLab Elements has some restrictions as far as where the track markers are placed, but you can do more than 3 CD tracks total. As Arjan said, you don’t need a montage track for every song/CD Track. My montages typically have two audio tracks and a stagger the audio clips between the two tracks incase any need to overlap. Even a 12 song album will be done on just two montage tracks. Some people get by with just 1 montage track and then of course you can have many CD tracks on these 1 or 2 montage tracks.

If you need special plugin settings for each song, use Clip Effects inserts instead of relying on Track Effects inserts which confusingly is applied to a montage track, not a CD track.


please see the comparison table for Wavelab Elements 9.5



Thanks, I get that now - I have it working with just one stereo montage track with several of me tracks (confusing) on it.

Forgive me, but perhaps it would be clearer if Montage ‘Tracks’ were called Montage ‘Channels’ or ‘Lanes’? Recorded tracks could then be placed on montage channels/Lanes. At least that would be less ambiguous to me. :slight_smile:

I can’t argue that.

One thing that is great about WaveLab is that each song or audio clip can have it’s own FX chain so you can use just one Track/Channel/Lane in WaveLab and give each song a unique plugin chain.

I often use two Tracks/Channels/Lanes incase songs need to overlap but in most cases, I could probably use just one Track/Channel/Lane in most projects though.

I think it’s just something to get used to. Using ‘Recorded tracks’ for completed songs, which will usually be referred to as ‘clips’ in WL, is just as ambiguous. ‘Lanes’ would have been a better word from the start maybe - but then, you can in WL also record onto the montage tracks, which is then the perfect word for it…

You’re probably right and I’ll get used to the confusion.

I think it unlikely that PG would be interested in changing the name anyway.

Frankly, I think it would make sense to call the “tracks” as “lanes”. But then that would break some established naming convention. Hence this is unlikely to happen.

Even complex radio production can be done with three tracks. I never have more than three at one time, so I can move clips around to fit within the parameters.

This is an interesting post… :slight_smile:

I just bought 9.5 to do some editing… (single track) What i really wanted to do next was put my edit against the original. Directly underneath that track, play them and switch between them as i do with my video editor for comparison… not just play the one after the other…

BUT… I can’t even find out how to make another track (I like the lane analogy BTW) Not found it on YT either… yet. You can do up to three lanes apparently?

So basic, but I feel stupid.