Elements 9.5 Synsopos could not be started

iMac system 14

When opening Cubase I get the following message.

Application “Cubase LE/AI/Elements’ has the following error.
Application ‘Synsopos.app’ could not be started.

The file is probably corrupted or access permissions are set incorrectly. (My bold)
Please download and install the latest version of the eLicenser Control software.

I think the access permissions were denied as the app was unknown

I have downloaded the latest eLicenser Control but this did not fix it. I have no idea how to change permissions

I would be over joyed with some way to reset the permissions.


macOS 10.14 is not officially compatible with Steinberg products yet. There are some known issues with eLCC application. This might be part of it.

Thank you
It was a permission problem. There is no way to change that.
Fortunately I had a ccc back up and was able to restore the MBP. Then when I open Cubase I gave permission for synsopos to load in the system. Cubase now running good for me.
It is worth noting that if Cubase asks you to OK the install of Synsopos you ALLOW it. If you deny it eLicenser won’t allow Cubase to load.

Hi @All,

I denied, so Cubase didn’t load, eLicenser was actualized…i have Mojave 10.14.1, is this the great Prob, or why I can’t go back to allow Synsopos to load??