Elements 9 buying another License.

I have an e-licenser E9 copy on my iMac. I love it.

I would like to purchase a new E9 copy and have it as a soft license on the iMac so I can use the USB e-Licenser on another computer with E9 at another location and keep the dongle there.

If I purchase a new E9 copy and install it will it get confused with the e-Licenser version already on the iMac and deny a soft license.

I just don’t want to muck it up!


No problem with this. Once you unplug the USB-eLicenser, the eLCC application doesn’t know about it, so you can use your Soft-eLicenser. And if you plug it back, Cubase will just select one of the license. No worries.

All that Martin says is, of course, quite correct.

The only thing I would add is that while you’re activating your new soft license don’t have your eLicenser plugged in. There have been cases where people have accidentally added an Elements licence to an eLicencer when they wanted a soft license by mistake. Once this is mistakenly done only Steinberg can solve the problem (if the choose?).

Thank you.

Thank you for mentioning this, you are right. To make it totally clear, by “eLicenser”, you mean the USB-eLicenser. :wink:

Absolutely, yes, a clarification well worth making. :wink:

Excellent point. Funny story… I own Cubase 9 Pro. I figured I would get the HALion Sonic SE3 soft license just so I could use it without my USB eLicenser if I ever needed to (can’t really think of a scenario but who knows). Then, when I activated it, it went on my USB eLicenser. So now I have a USB eLicenser with. Cubase 9 Pro license and a HSSE3 license. Well, that was a waste. I made the same mistake with my Cubase AI license that came with my UR44 but support fixed that one for me. I suppose they may fix the HSSE3 license for me too but I decided I don’t really need it.

Moral of the story… unplug the USB during activation if you want a soft license!

Just a clarification
So I install another E9 on the same computer. That means two of the same applications, or does the new one overwrite the existing one?

Or do I simply use the new install activication number when opening the existing E9 and not have the USB e-Licenser any where near the computer during the install.

Sorry but the Steinberg licensing system scares me. This is from times long ago when the license was attached to a floppy disc and it so easy to lose it - which happened quite often.

You don’t even need to install the actual program. You are only activating another license on the hard drive of the computer.
Unplug USB eLicenser. Start eLicenser Control Center. Activate license.

Saved by your quick reply - Thank you.