Elements 9 Crashing after first action

Hi everyone,

I recently ugrapded from Elements 8 to 9, but infortunately I couldn’t find a way to use it because it crashes.

I >> Here are the symptoms :

1 - launch Elements 9, starter screen ok
2 - Select “empty” to create a new project
3 - project >> add a new track, validate (key “A”)
4 - UI freezes, software crashes.

II >> if a open a template, like “acoustic + vocals”, software crashes right away

Tested with serveral audio driver including :
Generic low latency ASIO,
UAD Apollo twin USB,

same resutlts for all of them

Elements 8 continues to work fine

My setup : Windows 10, i7, 16Gigs of RAM

Anyone add the same issue after recently upgrading from 8 to 9 ?


I’m experiencing the same problem though I had to reinstall cubase on my system after a hard drive crash never upgraded from 8.
Cubase 9 worked fine before, but after a new hard drive and a new installation of windows 10 Cubase does this exact same thing.
I’s send a support request to steinberg but I havn’t had a reply yet.

If I find out anything I’ll keep you posted!