Elements 9 surround sound

I have no idea how I did this.
I’ve been using Ver. 5 since ±2009 and as I mix predominantly in Quad, 'Surround sound is paramount. However, the price of Cubase Pro 9 is way beyond my means, so I’ve been saving to buy Ver. 10 Pro when released. Earlier this year I ran the Demo version of 'Pro 9 and 'Elements 9, and realized Elements is more than adequate for my needs, however, no Surround sound. (Pro 9 is way-way beyond what I need).
Anyway, today I reinstalled "Elements 9 with the update to 9.0.30 dd. 20th July, and when I loaded one of my Quad files, I realized that I have working surround sound (like in Cubase 5) on the VST Connections control panel and mixer.
Is this normal, or should I just shut-up and enjoy it.


The general rule is, you should be able to see all Tracks and Channels even in the lower derivative. But the functionality should stay for the lower derivative. So in this case the surround channels shouldn’t be audible, in my opinion.

I tried with Cubase Elements here. I’m not able to add a Quadro Output Bus. If I open a Quadro project in Cubase Elements, the “Quadro Out” Bus is created, but it’s stereo only (two channels). So again, Quadro is not audible here.So the only “advantage” is the “quadro-looking” panner.