Elements 9 trial question

I am running the Cubase Elements 9 trial on a PC. I have just taken delivery of a new PC and I want to move Cubase across to it. I intend to purxhase so is it best to simply buy and install on the new machine and then uninstall the trial on the present one? Sorry if this is a rather basic question but I am wondering what happens to the rest of my trial if I install on a second machine.
Any assistance gratefully received!


It depends what sort of license you have. If it’s a soft license I’m not sure you can move a trial one easily to a new machine. You could get a new trial for the new PC but would presumably need to set up a new Steinberg account for that.

If the trial license is on a USB eLicenser then you can easily move it to the new PC.

Either way I would re-download Cubase rather than try and move it from one machine to another (unless you mean the installation file that you originally downloaded). Once you’ve downloaded it you’ll be able to see if it’s possible to move the trial license by accessing your MySteinberg account.