Elements Balcklisting plugins - new user

I just installed elements to test out the program before making the switch to pro. I currently use protools but I 'm looking to use cubase pro for my compositional work. However, right off the bat i have blak listed plugins. And crashes.

Uvi workstation, eventide sp2016 and blackhole andeastwest play are blacklisted.
I can whitelist play and it works but the other plugins cause an instant crash.
I reinstalled all plugins to their latest versions. Behaviour remains the same.

This is not very comforting I did try a work around which worked uvi workstation but when reopened cubase it crashes on the intiall splash scree.
I deleted the whitelist and blacklist data files and it runs once again but the plugin’s are black listed and cause an instant crash.
Could anyone shine some light as to what is going on?

Hi and welcome,

Make sure the plug-ins are up-to-date, please.

If you have VST3 and VST2 plug-ins installed, the VST2 version is blacklisted.