Elements Copyright Cutoff

I have played with Page and Music Frame Margins but can’t seem to get my copyright information from being cutoff.

Screenshot included.

Thanks for any ideas,

This won’t be solved by fiddling with the margins. You will have to enlarge the text frame at the bottom of the “First” master page, or make sure the copyright notice doesn’t include any carriage returns so it’ll fit on one line.

edit: in Elements, only the second solution applies.

There are no carriage returns. I tried deleting the token and just pasting as text which works better but still being cut off.

Are you certain there is no CR at the end of the typed copyright notice even if no text follows?

If I delete the last character in the line and retype it, Apply and Close, the result is the same.

Since all we can see is “Inc, all rights reserved” are you trying to create a copyright message with two (or more) lines of text?

There is only room for one line of text in the default page layout.

Correct there would be more than one line of info. But even changing to one word, text is still cutoff.

I would expect that either the font has been enlarged, the copyright frame has been made smaller, of somehow there is a hidden return at the end.

To find a RETURN at the end of the line, rather than deleting the final character, put the cursor after the last character and press the DELETE key (on a Windows machine) or press RIGHT-ARROW + BACKSPACE (on a Mac).

I actually decreased font size when issue began. I did try the Right Arrow+Backspace and along with decreasing font size have a clear line. The problem is there is still more copyright information to be input

Yes I would say there are 2-3 lines of info.

If you want, PM me and I’d be happy to open your project, adjust the text box to fit all your text and send it back to you.