Elements crashing when "Audio file to Montage" is clicked for import

WL Elements 10.0.30 Build 116, running on Mid 2014 MB-Pro i7 16GB

When I start the program, create a new montage or open an old one, and then attempt to import files it crashes the moment I click the “audio file to montage” button.

I have been using it for a little over 2 weeks I think, and it before now crashed when I tried to import AAC or from video files, but until today it would work fine with WAV files.

Have tried re-booting and not running other programs, the problem is very consistent.

Crash report here:

I’d be happy for any suggestions to help me get back to work!


If you try to open the AAC audio file, in the audio editor, not in the montage, does it work?

For video, you you really use the function “Import Video”?

Yes, if I open the file from the button in the audio editor it works.

I’m doing a bunch of mastering for rebroadcasting of old concert live-stream videos right now, and my old workflow was to extract the sound from the video as AAC using quicktime as it is very fast, then do the mastering in WaveLab and exporting as WAV. I was only trying the video import because the facility seemed to be there, and i thought it might save a step in workflow if it worked for doing work on the audio within the video file.