Elements, D.S. al Headache

Hi folks,

New Dorico user. Loving most features, however I can’t seem to get my D.S. to go back to the sign in playback. I need to fire off a MIDI file of the entire arrangement but can’t do that if I can’t get the repeats to function.

Am I missing something totally obvious?


So you’ve created both a Segno sign and a Dal Segno marking using the Repeat popover, but it doesn’t playback?

Is “Play Repeats” checked in Playback Options > Repeats?

That’s correct.

I have a DS Al Coda and a D.S. marking from the popover and the playback will not follow the route. I’m on Elements so I don’t have a Playback Options menu as far as I can see. Maybe someone can point out where to find this?

Correct, Playback Options isn’t accessible in Elements, but repeats should play by default.

Can you share the project here?

I’m new here so I’m not quite sure how to share a project. Let me take a look. Cheers!

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If you are a brand new forum member, you may not yet have been granted privileges to upload. If you give it a little time, that restriction should quickly be eased.

That’s a whole lotta time without being able to D.S. to my sign, but thanks! I’ll wait it out.

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If you’re desperate to bounce a MIDI, duplicate the flow and write it out, adding and copy-pasting measures to eliminate the need for repeats. That’s a temporary solution until we can figure out why this isn’t working correctly.

Rick, if you spend a bit of time reading some other threads, you can improve your “trust level” and that will allow you to post attachments. You might also find out some other useful things that will help you as you continue to learn the software. For example, reading the posts tagged with announcement might be educational.

In the meantime, if you can’t wait, you should be able to send an attachment in a private message, so you can send the project to me if you like, and I’ll take a look. Or you can email it to me at d dot spreadbury at steinberg dot de.

I should mention, I figured this out! So totally complicated.

Just kidding, totally easy. I was using the wrong repeat. “dsalcoda” apparently directs differently than “segno”. Or something like that. Regardless, MIDI export is super-easy now. Thanks for the responses.