Elements for a Pro Licence Holder


I am the owner of Cubase 10 Pro.
I wanted to use Cubase Elements on a small windows tablet I own for some light weight work on the move.
As an owner of Pro licence is Elements also included or would I have to pay for that software in addition?


Hi and welcome,

No, Cubase Elements is not included in Cubase Pro license.

But I can’t see a sense in it anyway. As it was described here on the forum already, the performance of Cubase Pro and Elements is the same. And if it’s just a question of library (disk space), you don’t have to install it with Cubase Pro to your small windows tablet. And the application size is also almost the same for Pro and Elements.

You can of course run Elements with your Pro License.

Sure, they could give a free soft license for Elements with a Pro purchase… The grocery store could also give free hamburger buns when you buy hamburger patties. But the fact is that it is a product with a value and they a running a business. If they give it to you, you won’t buy it. It is all part of the equation that determines what price they sell it for and what the consumer is willing to pay for it.

That being said, will Elements really work on the road? There are a lot of features, content and plugins that don’t work with an Elements license. Which means if you start you project at home with a Pro license and use Revelation, or content from the Artist presets, or something like that, now you can’t work on your project without your Pro license.

If you want to start a project on the road such as just recording the basic audio of your band, then the AI license is great for that if your audio interface came with it. If they were going to give away something free AI would probably be a better choice. It compares to S1 free or PT free and might attract new users into the franchise and allows Pro users to start basic project functionality without the USB license.


Thank you to correct me.

Thanks for the responses.
Didn’t realise Pros CPU Load would be the same as Elements.
I was mainly hoping to use Elements as a place to sketch ideas to take to my studio PC after. Wanted to use Elements so I don’t have to carry the USB dongle with me as the tablet (Surface Go) only has a single USB C.
Seems as though if you want to use Elements with pro licence I would need to use the dongle anyway so in that case I may as well install Pro.


Exactly. The license is stored at the USB-eLicenser, there is no other way for Cubase Pro. If you would need a Soft-eLicense, then Cubase Elements is an only one option, but you have to buy a new license there. Or any Cubase OEM (LE or AI), which is bundled with some hardware.

I have both pro and elements, and the way I see it, elements are a cheap and a great way of getting cubase on a laptop. I didnt mind buying both, heck, I got plugins far more expencive than an elements licence, (on the studiomac though) and use a lots of freeplugs on the elements. If you need pro features, elements are the wrong choice anyways, but it works the same way with thirdparty plugins and instruments. I use it for recording and imports the element project into pro. I hate to bring the dongle around…

I confirm : using your Dongle with a Pro license, allows you to run the Elements version.

You just need to download and install the Elements version from Steinberg Download Assistant.


I too have both pro and elements because I don’t want to risk my usb dongle outside my studio. I use my laptop (with elements) for sequencing, recording some gigs, etc. and I have all my 3rd party plugins and VST instruments in both computers so I don’t have compatibility problems.
When a project goes to my PC with cubase pro for editing and more serious work it stays there until it is finished.

I used to work on cubase le 9.5 that I got for free but upgraded to elements 10.5 for a special price mainly because the 8 vs 24 instrument tracks limit that I use for sequencing my band’s backing tracks.