Elements getting in the way of editing

I am trying to edit some notes an other elements of the score get in the way of me selecting a note (see video), This often happened when I start adding system or page breaks.

How can I get rid temporary with all of them so I can freely select notes that crossover with them?

I can’t see your video, but if you’re mostly referring to signposts, you have various options, including:

I’ve come across this issue a number of times, particularly when I’ve needed to alter some aspect of an element in a signpost (for example manual staff appearance, or staff condensing) but had a tempo marking in the exact same spot which keeps interfering with my attempts to activate the signpost.

I can get the signpost highlighted without affecting the tempo (or other) marking that’s behind it in most cases, but I can’t seem to actually access the signpost. Pressing enter starts playback!