Elements KC for primary parameter increase not workin

Hi All

Posted this in the issues section but with no replies at all so… .

The Key Command for Increase and Decrease Primary Parameter is not working in both Elements 8.0.4 and 9.0.2 (I have one on my laptop and the other on my second studio machine). The “fine” P.P. increase and decrease works as expected, It is also working properly in C9Pro. Could you please confirm this for me.

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Dave Abbott


This sounds familiar to me. I would say it’s an older issue, and I’m pretty sure, it was reported as a bug already.

Thanks for the reply Martin,

That is right, I reported it a long time back and forgot about it. I need it at the moment and going forwad in a live situation, select a channel and raise the volume with a button push, much easier than fiddling with a controller while playing guitar. It obviously hasn’t been fixed since I reported it the first time so I mentioned it again.

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