Elements: plug-in Chain issue

I noticed that my L2 just show up at first launch, leaving an empty space in the plug-in chain window and will not show anymore. (Elements 32 on Win8-64)
Furthemore a fifth slot appears in the Master Section, but does not work.

Not a great issue for me, the pros are more than the cons in this new Elements. I like it.
Elements 8 plugs.png

The location of the 5th slot is normal. What is not normal is the absence of the Waves GUI. I will try to reproduce. Are you using the latest Waves?

Hi PG, yes, and I noticed it happens with internal dither as well.
Elements 8 Plug Chain.png

I can reproduce, this is a WaveLab Elements only problem. Switch off the chain option for the Master Section until this is fixed in 8.0.2

:cry: wavelab elements 8.0.2

Thank you, no problem!