Elements Price?


I use the full version of Wavelab 8 but am also interested in WL Elements because it means when I’m travelling I can edit without the need to worry about carrying / losing my dongle with all my Steinberg licences on it.

Therefore, I assume there isn’t but I thought I’d check. Is there an option to buy Elements at a discount owing to being a full user? Sort of like a downgrade offer but without actually downgrading!


No, sorry.

OK - no worries. It’s worth paying in full, I guess, for the security of knowing my dongle is safe in the studio.

Note that an audio montage in Elements and Pro, are not fully compatible. They can be open in one another, but some info will be lost.

Hi PG - Thanks for that; I wasn’t aware.

It’s probably still viable - I tend to only edit audio rather than create a montage whilst travelling. At the moment, I use Audition for ‘travel editing’ and then bring into WL8 upon my return. But, I’d rather use with WLE seeing as I’m more comfortable with WL in general.