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Here I went from staccato to pizz, but I want the next measure to return back to the default playing technique in the first measure, but it doesn’t happen. Do I need to explicitly set it? This is using Iconica Sketch, if it matters.

Hi @bill0287 , staccato and pizzicato are Playing Techniques, but you are talking about dynamic. I am not sure what you want to achieve exactly. Can you be more specific?

If you mean that the 4th bar should not have the pizz. neither staccato, you can select first note on bar 4, press shift+P and write arco in the popover.

Yes, of course, I misspoke in the original message. The question is the same, however: how do I get back to the original “playing technique” as was in measure 1?

Add the playing technique “nat.” (short for Italian naturale) to go back to the default sound for any instrument.

okay, so I have to explicitly set it back. Thanks.

Unfortunately yes (but for pizz I would use arco rather than nat to return, else your players will think you an idiot)


To set arco as I suggested above (or nat. as Daniel suggested) after pizz. is the standard way (it sets the correct playback sound, and tells the player what to do)

If for some reason you want an alternative way of displaying the pizz. (or any Playing Technique), you can set its length (adjusting its “end” point with shift+alt+left or right arrow keys) and for convenience show the Continuation Line in the properties (Ex.1).
In this way bar 4 will return to sound with the previous Playing Technique, without needing to set the pizz. back. (this would probably not be ideal for the player thought, and the explicit reiteration of the previous PT is desirable, but is just as an exercise to learn the logic behind it, and the possibilities. If this seems too obscure, please ignore this post :slight_smile: ).

In Ex. 2 you see that on bar 4 the previous PT (the one set in Bar 1, in this case sul ponticello) comes-back, after the end of the pizz. line.

Ex. 1

Ex. 2
Playing technique lenght and returning back vs articulation.dorico (530.4 KB)

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