Elements: shifting down a plug-in shows plug control

I noticed in Elements, shifting down a plug-in in Master Section (or dragging it down) shows plug-in controls in the plug-in window even though this option is de-selected in MS, with chopped GUI (see picture, bottom of plug-in window).
Elements wrong GUI if plug shifted down.png

I can’t see a problem. Please explain again.

Ok, I try
I run Elements 32bit on Win 8/64
My MS is floating - the MS option “Show plug-in controls in the Plug-in window” is deactivated
I insert a plug in the first MS slot - Then I drag it down manually (or use the MS option “Shift the plug-ins down” ) to move the plug to the MS second slot.
What happens now is the “plug-in controls” appear in the plug-in Window and the GUI is corrupted.
Can you please confirm?

Ok, I see now. I will have to correct this in 8.0.2.

Thank you so much Philippe!