[Elements] Text facilities and constraints

Couldn’t figure how to rewirte enharmonic with Alt+Shift+the key but I moved the notes with Alt-arrow.
Merci Marc!

Sorry, I think there’s no sift key involved. I edit my post :wink:

It is really a small detail but when adding Chord symbol, e.g. Gmin/A, it automatically converts it to Gm/A, is it possible anyway to show Gmin/A ??

I have a little issue, I have loaded an organ melody in midi file from a Cubase project, in some measures like measure 17 (see attachment), in the treble clef, the upper D is missing and when adding it manually in Write mode it insert the note but replaces the D below ?? I hope my explanation make sense?

I am only working on making beautiful score sheet but until now I really appraciate the Elements version.

Dear Vendimion,
If you want Fmin to appear, you have to pick the right option in Engraving options > Chord symbols !

If you want to have multiple notes on a single voice, you need to engage the chord mode (q without shift), you’ll see you can add the high D over the other.
I recommend that you watch carefully all the videos from Anthony Hughes for the Youtube channel, you will lear MANY useful things :wink:
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Alright Marc, I’ll do for sure!

Because you’re using Elements, Vendimion, you don’t have access to the Engraving Options dialog, so you can’t change the default appearance of chord symbols in your project. Sorry.

If by “appearance” one means typographic appearance, rather than a particular style of chord symbol representation, then some user choice is possible at present. You can select a default text typeface and font (weight), which is then used for chord symbols. You can also (from the Bottom Panel) set a custom scaling for any selected chord symbols in the score - equivalent (near enough) to selecting font size.

But I look forward to the Elements update Daniel mentioned above to ease some of the typographic restrictions on commonly used text items.

Me too. I just wanna be able to add some basic project info to a score before I print it, more than just the title of the piece. I will definitely pay the $350 extra for Pro when I have the funds and when I’m ready to write my symphony (more than 12 players). But for now, I think getting just the basics of “who’s the composer?” “who’s the arranger?” “who holds the copyright?” shouldn’t require me to starve for a month… :wink:
Thanks :smiley: