elements upstart.

Hi !
Minor annoyence.
When starting elements 9.5 , a popup asks me witch version i would like to start , (ie) : Elements , Le or AI.
Is there a way to skip this and start Elements directly?

Are you using a retailer’s red key? I have one at work and it will ask this because the code activates any Steinberg software. Since those 3 versions are the same installer, it asks you which one you want to use. If you really bought Elements, your activation code should only unblock Elements and you shouldn’t see that screen…


Yes it is a legal copy. The dongle is blue and many years old.
The odd thing is that this started happening after updating to 9.5.10.

Mmm, then I would download Cubase Pro and see if your code opens it(it will ask if you want to start Artist or Pro). If it opens, you received a nice gift!!!


Well, no. It won’t do that, and you will not receive a gift. :wink:

Upload a screenshot of your elc window with all licenses showing, and someone can tell you what’s going on.

I was kidding of course. At best it would be a 3 months gift…