Elements user: Will Artist have what I need?

I hope I can explain this clearly. I’m currently using Elements and it is a pleasure to work with compared to what I was using before but there is one area that is causing a bit of pain and I’m wondering if an upgrade to Artist will help.

The music I write tends to have a rather fluid tempo so I prefer to play the music into Cubase without a metronome. However, my playing is not great and I tend to need to do a lot of editing of the midi afterwards. One thing I think would help is if I could manually adjust the grid to match my playing, for example, setting the beginnings of bars and changes of time signature, after which I could use quantize to tidy things up without having to adjust each not manually.

Is this possible in Artist?



Here you can find Cubase editions comparison chart. As you can see, Tempo Detection is Cubase Pro only, same as Time Warp.

Okay, so I was a little disappointed that I would have to go all the way to Pro to do what I wanted since I don’t need 99% of the features in Pro but I downloaded the trial and have been playing around with Track Time Base, which I believe is in Artist. It’s a bit of a work around but I think I can do what I need with that alone so I think I will upgrade to Artist.

If what you are creating is ‘tempo fluid’ ask yourself if it really needs to be aligned with a bars-beats grid. You can just turn Snap off, ignore the grid & Tempo setting, and put the notes where they sound right. That’s kind of analogous with how magnet tape works - folks were able to record lots of great music in the absence of a grid.

While the grid aligned to tempo changes can be super useful, nothing requires that you use it.

I’ve already upgraded so it’s not an issue anymore but to answer your question, my music isn’t exactly “tempo fluid”. It’s strictly metered, it’s just that I often change meter and like to make use of rubato at appropriate times. Like I said in the original post, my playing isn’t great so I often have to spend a lot of time lining up the notes of chords, increasing to tempo of sections I can’t play at tempo, deleting mistakes then cutting and pasting good parts together… you get the picture. Making use of the track time base option is Artist is helping a lot. Thanks.

Even if you don’t think Pro will be useful right away, you will find over time, there are hundreds of great things that are ONLY IN PRO.

I use new stuff every week.