Elgato Stream Deck Pedal

Here’s a simple MIDI Remote Script I created for the Elgato Stream Deck Pedal. It requires:

  • A virtual MIDI port to be created to give it access to Cubase; I use LoopMIDI for this purpose.
  • Cubase plug-in for the Stream Deck application.

Left pedal = Stop
Middle pedal = Play
Right pedal = Record

Hope it helps someone.
Elgato_Stream Deck Pedal.midiremote (2.0 KB)


Interesting, I’ve never seen the streamdeck pedal so far…very tempting, especially for recording yourself.
One question: i thought that the Streamdeck thingies somehow work with using key commands for the respective applications , why is it necessary to have a MIDI remote? (Never had a Streamdeck device so far, so not fully sure how they work)

You can use direct key commands, but when you change focus the commands change and are sent to the program that has focus. This way I can have another program in focus (e.g. chord chart) and the transport controls still work.

I use (3 x 5) Stream Deck (for my live rig - controlling Cantabile performance software - which has its own excellent native plug-in), Stream Deck XL and Stream Deck Pedal.

Stream Deck XL (4 x 8) is my main remote for Cubase. I have everything on there that I use all the time, apart from transport controls. For instance I have 8 mixer configuration buttons, delete controllers, convert stereo track to mono (and vice versa), reset meters, create empty tracks of all types, track colour palette… lots of others. It helps me work faster.

The pedal is used when I’m facing the opposite side of the studio and just want to control playback and record while my hands are on a keyboard over there.

Using Stream Deck with Cantabile is fabulous. The two talk to each other, so, in addition to controlling Cantabile, I can create feedbacks of cue lights, bar/beat counts, timers, warning lights - and the names of States and Songs display on the Stream Deck dynamically. Truly amazing.

Once you get a Stream Deck of any type you begin to realise that you have a powerful tool at your disposal and you begin to lean on it more. Mine follow me everywhere.

Thanks for the detailed explanation! I’ve eyed the streamdecks for some time, but couldn’t really decide, a) which one to get and b) so far with regular MIDI controllers I’ve tried I always had the feeling that they actually slowed my down, taking my hands away from keyboard or mouse and getting into a different headspace… in that time I usually do what I want with key commands or mouse.
It could be that it’s a bit different with the Streamdeck, because of the icons on the buttons, which give a much better clue than some anonymous button on a controller. And as my obviously aging brain seems to refuse to learn new key commands, it might actually work.

But I am really interested in this pedal, just because it would make recording yourself easier, not having to take the hands of the fretboard/keyboard to start and stop recording.
I think I might just order it. Thanks for bringing it to my attention and costing me money :grin:

Don’t forget that one Stream Deck button can have multiple commands and key presses under it. With Cubase that makes for powerful ‘sort something out’ functions. I have one, for example, that creates my eight standard mixer configurations and names them all - one button.

I wouldn’t use my Stream Deck for simple tasks that are more quickly achieved by keeping my hand on the mouse.