eLicence activation problem

Hello everyone, I’m new on this forum, so first of all, thank to everyone that can help me.

I’have a problem with Cubase licence.
I’ve upgraded my Cubase AI licence (Yamaha bundle) with a purchase on the Steinberg ecommerce site. They gave me an activation code and everything was fine.
After a month I’have bought a new PC (a Mac) and I wanted to move my licence.

The nightmare started…
There was no way to move the licence due to a problem on the eLicenser Control Center wich seemed to be deprecated (even if it was the latest version) but at least Cubase was working on my old pc.
On MySteinberg site there was (is…) no licence registered in my account (I think the problem is here) and there was no way to register my licence from my old PC due to an error (eLicencer is deprecated)

I’ve tried to reinstall everything on the old PC (I hoped to correctly send my licence on MySteinberg account) with the result that Cubase is not working even on the old pc… eLicence control center now is empty.

Not even to say it, Steinberg support has NEVER answered to any question. (the firt one was done more than one month ago)

Has someone of you any Idea to restore the licence?

Thanks again!

Hi and welcome,

First you have to make the license on the old computer running. Run eLCC as administrator and trigger Maintenance. Hopefully the eLCC sold be fixed.

Register your license at MySteinberg.

Reactivate to the new computer.