elicence due to expire

e license says w8 license will expire in 4 hrs. Ive had wavelab for years’ and the system is not connected to the net. I’ll bring the dongle up tomorrow and connect it to the net (e license center) any ideas… :wink:

Maybe this is an extra demo license you had on your dongle?

Haven’t downloaded much lately nothing to do with wave lab any way…will be going to 8.5 soon though.Went back into the lab tonight (Australia) and the time left was still 4hr and some minuets. tar for the idea though. Will post tomorrow my time when I have checked the dongle through the net.

checked e license all should be good as you said probably old demo stuck at 4hr 55, just never happened before.But on the dongle I only have W7 not W8, however 8 dose run up :wink:

You could launch eLicenser Control Center to see which licenses are currently being used by the copy protection system.

You should see something like “Application-Instances: 1” next to the license that is currently being used.

yeah all my fault, don’t use w… very much mainly for me and some jobs I do for those who need help.i.e. not a mastering engineer, Sooo got W7 registered then didn’t register w8 but it always worked as w8 and so I was happy :smiley: just before I upgraded to w8.5 I started getting time up notices just pressed cancel and carried on, so checked the dongle seen the little hour glasses and had to fill them up W7 to W8 to W8.5 haven’t checked yet but I suspect it will be fine. :wink: thnx for input tom