elicence usb problem

in order to start up Cubase artist i have to put in my elicenser usb and its a real pain :cry: is there a way to fix it??

The Cubase license is on the dongle. It’s necessary for Cubase to start up that the dongle is in a USB port. You don’t say if you’re using a laptop or desktop, but either way, no dongle, no Cubase. Treat your dongle like gold, don’t lose it, break it etc.

This is the intended behavior. It is not broken.

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I’m still looking for a way to ‘build-in’ the dongle internally (both lap and desktop)
but worry about then having to remove it for updates. Could be a bit problematic.

But I still believe the dongle is the best protection scheme going;
both for the provider (Steiny) and the customer (us).

Good Luck!

Surely you don’t have to remove it for updates? I can’t think when I last did that.I have not had any problems.

It used to be the case that you had to remove the dongle for certain updates/upgrades but that stopped long ago. I remember when the e-licensing process required the temporary removal of the dongle while stuff was happening.



Not enough usb ports? You might need a usb hub. They’re usually quite cheap. If it is the case I recommend a powered hub if you’re using anything that takes a lot of power like an external ssd drive etc.

My motherboard (Asus P9X79 WS) has an internal conventional USB socket, but as I also have an iLok, I had to use a pocket USB hub with it, so they all just dangled inside the case.

I came across some Dual internal USB adapter for dongles, but then I remembered that I had some rear-panel brackets with dual USB and Firewire connectors that I had leftover from previous motherboards.

So I just removed the Firewire section from the bracket, bolted the bracket upside-down to the internal floor of my computer, plugged the other end into an onboard standard dual USB2 header, and plugged in the eLicenser and iLok. Works!

If you don’t have one, there are plenty of cheap ones available.

To build in a dongle just get a usb extender lead and knock out a back panel and feed it inside. Ditto laptop for extender and gaffa it to the lid.

These right-angle USB extenders may help reduce damage-susceptibility when using dongles with laptops.

Will probably also make it easier to gaffa the dongle to the lid!

Just ordered a couple of pairs myself, to add to my ‘just in case I need it’ adapters collection.