eLicencer/activation code Issue

Sent a ticket to Steinberg about this issue but after 13 days I have still not got a response so I will try here too.

When trying to use my activation code in elicenser it just says my licenser is too old. I have tried reinstaling it 3 times and uppdating it but nothing works. I figured mabye the code in my mail called Activation code / download code is actually just the download code but if I enter it to redeem my activation code all I get is this message “Redemption of Cubase Artist 12 successful!” but i dont get a activation code, all i can do is click “ok” and get back to the previous screen.
And this code as stated only give me a message of my eLicenser being too old.

That means you are using the Download Access Code. The error message is apparently wrong. That code goes in the Download Assistant, or, do a search for Steinberg “Download Access Code” vs “Activation Code”

I have Used it in the download assistent aswell but only get: “You are now entitled to use the Following product(s) Cubase artist 12”.
The issue is that I dont reccive any activation code or whatever it is you need for the elicenser.

Try opening up artist 12

Cubase 12 doesn’t use the elicenser. New Steinberg Licensing FAQ | Steinberg

It finally worked out of nowhere. Think it was a connection issue with the webbrowser activation step.
Before, anytime I tried to open cubase 12 it just said “failed to find license” but yeah, got the program to start now atleast, tyty