elicencer afetr newest Update win10

Hi, i have problem with my eLicenser “your system finger print is not valid anymore” “the system harware config has been changed” what’s that means? I didn’t change anything I have this message after newest update of win10.
please help

Unfortunately, it is a known issue that Windows updates can brake the Soft-eLicenser.

Fortunately, this is usually easily fixed by simply downloading and running the latest installer, which tries to fix that problem automatically.

I had the same issue, read this if u are still in trouble with this, it could help you:


That fix didn’t work for me. I did a complete uninstall including a deletion of all driver files as mentioned in the kb. Then I installed the newest version as an admin and and ran the eLicense Control (sic) Center maintenance as an admin. Still the message appears and Cubase Pro 9 won’t start
An automatic reply from support says they will contact me in 5 (!) days. How Pro is that?

It is strange that Cubase Pro 9 won’t start up, because the error message about the system fingerprint refers to the Soft-eLicenser, which is not utilized by Cubase Pro 9; Cubase Pro uses the USB-eLicenser.

If you launch eLicenser Control Center (eLCC.exe), you should see a list of eLicensers on your left; there should be a Soft-eLicenser (probably disabled, being shown in grey or red color), and at least one USB-eLicenser.

You can select the eLicensers in the left-sided list to view their contents; it is the USB-eLicenser that holds your Cubase Pro 9 license.
Your Soft-eLicenser might also hold one ore more licenses.
In case your Soft-eLicenser (causing the trouble here) is empty, or contains only licenses you do not need anymore, you could delete the Soft-eLicenser entirely to get rid of the problem.

Sorry, the error message I get is (by memory):
“Some important services are not started,reboot your computer. If this does’t help install the latest…”
I’m not near the computer so this isn’t the exact message.

That is an entirely different issue than user corelion was describing.

Your issue might be related to this issue.