elicencer can't tell the time

Please can anyone tell me why my stoooopid elicencer keeps telling me the time and/or date is wrong on my computer when it isn’t.
As an experiment and a futile attempt to get it sorted I actually put my computer on almost all available time zones on the planet and according to elicencer they where all wrong,
I’m just useless at this stuff and would realy apreciate a helping hand, thank you…Kevin

Sorry, I don’t know the answer to your problem, but as the elicencer uses the time as part of it’s copy protection I would suggest you stop altering it to appear as though you’re traveling around the globe at light speed as it may take that as a sign of tampering :smiley:

Set your computer to the actual time and try some different trouble shooting. Have you tried removing and re-installing the elicencer control panel?

thanks…that did the trick…Kevin