eLicencer Control - Error


I bought recently a copy of Cubase 12 Pro, the installation went well, all components were installed successfully, but very time I launch Cubase I get the following error message :

I don’t have Wavelab 8 LE on my computer, as you can see (below) I only have Cubase Installed and activated, so why is eLicenser complaining about WaveLab

How can i get rid of this error message, (i tired uninstalling and reinstalling eLicenser / rebooting with no success), can you please help ?

Thank you in advance.


Cubase 12 doesn’t use the elicenser.

But Cubase isn’t triggering the eLicenser anymore. Must be something different.

A request for a license occurs when the software product is launched, it’s really that simple.

You should check in the Programs and Features control panel on your Windows machine for the existence of an installation that program.

Thsi is what I suggested: