Elicencer - 'Deactivating' AI licence before wiping PC

I purchased an audio interface a few weeks ago which came with a copy of AI, which could then be upgraded in ELCC to cubase 11. This process worked well on my 1st PC, however I experienced some serious technical issues and had to reinstall Windows.

So, a brand new updated PC arrives in the post, I go to reinstall/register my products in ELCC on the new machine, and it says it cannot proceed as my licence for cubase AI has already been used. I’ve asked for help via MySteinberg, but no reply on over 2 weeks. I have gone through the re-registration process, reinstalled ELCC etc to no avail.

Having looked into it, was I supposed to ‘Unregister/Deactivate’ my Cubase AI licence before wiping the PC? Sorry if this is super obvious!


No. You were supposed to register your licenses at your MySteinberg and then reactivate on new computer.

Thanks for the response.
So i feel like I’m stuck in a loop…it seems like I may not have registered Cubase AI at Mysteinberg when I installed on the original machine. In other words, I’m trying to re-activate something which was never originally registered…I feel like I’m failing to grasp something basic in the steps for reactivation, as I keep getting sent the same activation code for Cubase AI, which has been used before.
So far, I have freshly installed ElCC and reactivated that software at Mysteinberg. But I get stuck when I try to use the download access code which I have for cubase AI. it says this has been used, and presents me with an activation code (an email gets sent to me to confirm). I then put the activation code in the new ELCC, but is says this has been used, and can only be used once. So I’m unsure about where to go from there.

Thanks in advance for any responses

When you log in to MySteinberg can you see the Cubase AI listed?

If not then you probably didn’t register it. But you can still register it now. You can use the already used activation code to register. Then once registered it you should be able to reactivate and receive new activation code. Use the new code in eLicenser.

Hi, it’s not listed on Mysteinberg, but trying to register does not work (code already used). ELCC also doesn’t like the activation code. Also, the ‘new’ activation codes they send me are the same one repeated.

And you tried to use the already used activation code to register in your MySteinberg (not in eLicenser)? That should be possible.

Hello again :slight_smile:
Yes, the activation code gets rejected. I’m pretty stumped.

WELL! I feel rather stupid…so, it was a combination of thinking I have to replicate the activation/upgrade process starting with Cubase AI (as I did when I first installed the software on my old PC), and needing to reseat my dongle!

Once I upgraded to Cubase 11 from AI initially, I only needed to use the dongle to install Cubase 11 on my new machine. The dongle needed to go in a different usb port, and I didn’t think to check!

It’s now working!

Thanks for your patience and replies!