eLicencer died!! And now?!


yesterday my eLicencer died. Unfortunately it was on a “live” session - doing preproduction stuff 100km away - I finally had to use Garage Band for the job which was a MAJOR PITA!!

Now what to do?

I emailed Steinberg but I fear they will respond not before Monday.

I have urgent deadlines to deliver, fortunately I have Nuendo on another eLicencer so I can work on - but Wavelab and Halion - and of course Cubase - is on the other eLicencer. I urgent need Wavelab, I have to deliver Master CDs to a Label at Monday as well as I can not open a session which I am working on because of Halion4.

What Is the procedere now? I have not the time to send in the eLicencer at Monday waiting for replacement sometime …

I always hate to carry eLicencers on the road - now I know why.


Cool - I just activated a 30 day Demo Version of Wavelab 8 - this enabled me to use WL 7 on my studio computer without installing anything.
There is the need of a zero downtime option like iLok has!

Imagine how ugly a broken (and it happend to me without a physically damaged elicencer) elicencer and your Studio is DOWN till you were able to reach a Steinberg support member… Till there are only reachable Mo-Fr and studios usually work 24/7 there is need for a “no downtime” option.

My situation would have been a real PITA if I had not spend extra cash in an additional Cubase licence for “the road”.
When Nuendo, Halion and WL would have been on the same dongle - the one which died - I would have run into serious trouble. Very serious trouble.