eLicencer error after installing Synchron Player

I just installed the VSL Big Bang Orchestra Livrary (currently available for free on the VSL site) and the corresponding Synchron Player.
Now I can’t open Cubase 10 anymore, I always get the error message:
Application “Cubase Artist 10 Plugin Set” caused the following error.
eLicencer returns error code:

-click to exit

(translatet from german)

When I open the eLicenser Control Center and perform maintenance, it says:
b]The Soft-eLicenser on this computer has been found to have an irreversible change.

Please contact your software vendor to solve this problem.[/b]

I uninstalled the VSL Synchron Player again, but it seems to be useless.

Anyone have any idea what I could do?


My expectation is, the eLicenser becomes somehow confused. Is the VSL Library license stored on the USB-eLicneser? Are you on Mac or Windows? If you are on Windows, could you start eLCC as administrator (right-click to the application) ad trigger Maintenance.

If you have any licences issue, I would recommend to get in touch with Steinberg’s technical support directly.

Thanks for your support. I reinstalled the eLicence software and all the vienna players and it seems that the problem is gone now…don’t know what it exactley was, but it’s all good again!
thank you