eLicencer hell


I downloaded Dorico 3.5 from my Steinberg account. I am having trouble activating the software.
I have uninstalled/reinstalled the elicenser as i got a dialog box saying i had to get a new one. However the new one has the same number and the Steinberg website wants a new one in order to activate Dorico.

Welcome to hell! What do I do to fix this? I’m going around in circles



Did you enter into your eLicenser the new activation code you received (probably by e-mail) when you bought the 3.5 upgrade?

Oh stupid me, I wrongly assumed 3.5 was a free update.

You were not the only one. It appears the x.0 and x.5 versions of Dorico will be payed updates as is the case with Cubase. Not a problem once one knows about it.

Spreadbury has to make those payments on his third Bugatti…

Given Daniel’s level of commitment, both to the software and to users here on the forum, he (and the rest of the team) deserve as many Bugattis as they want. This is a product and (unmatched) level of support worth paying for. :smiley:

While I think you were simply making a sarcastic joke, I feel the need to state that I highly doubt any member of the team getting “rich” off of Dorico development. Large companies like Steinberg, Yamaha, Avid, etc. price products with margins that help feed the whole vertical structure, not just the immediate developers. They are businesses, not charities, and developers will be toward the lower end of the structure.

v3.5 had so many features, they could have called it v4.0 and it would still have been worth the full price upgrade. Remind me what you got for the last paid updates to Sibelius or Finale?

As I understand it, this half-update is a one-time deal, in order to fix the annual release cycle in the Summer.

For the amount of work he does, and the results that the team achieve, I’m happy to chip in for as many Bugattis as they can eat.

My guess is Daniel has bugs on his windshield, not Bugattis in his garage.

Yes this product is worth it. Even if I don’t actually need the new features in 3.5, I will happily pay just to support a fabulous product.