eLicencer, limited time for recording, multiple computers use in the same time


1.Few months ago I bought Cubase 9.5 LE and I saw that has 400 h recording time available.
What happens after these 400 h ?
2.I have two laptops, one wich stays in the studio and one that I’m traveling with.
Is it possible to use the same licence on both of them without using a USB eLicencer ?
If I generate another activation key and I’ll use it on traveling computer, that one wich is already installed in the studio it’s gonna be unavailable or is it still gonna work normaly ?

Thank you !

Where does it say that there are only 400 hours recording time? Are you certain that this isn’t referring to the amount of available space on your hard drive?

  1. As django says…pretty sure that is just telling you how much recording you can fit on your hard drive!
  2. No, it’s not possible. You are transferring the license from one computer to the other.

Then.your hard drive is full.

Thank you for the informations, really helpful.
Have a great day!